College of Charleston Campus Tour INTEREST


This form is intended to explore the interest of a College of Charleston campus mini tour for high school juniors and seniors during the State Leadership Conference on Monday, March 22nd.

All times are TBD. There may be 2 -4 tours during the day, depending on the interest level.

Students will need to allot 3 hours minimum for travel to and from the campus and the tour.  Transportation will be provided by College of Charleston.


2021 State Leadership Conference Fees


Please note:  There is a $1 processing fee per registration.

2020 State Leadership Conference PRESENTER Proposal


2018 ILC Updates and Reminders

  • HOSA Phone Number is 803-960-7986
  • Download the HOSA app, for the most up to date info & changes.  This will answer most of your general conference questions.
  • HOSA final program is printed: 
    Download the ILC app from the APP Store for the most up to date time or room changes.
  • SC HOSA ILC Regstration: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM Conference Registration is in the Conference Center – Ballroom C1–C4
  • Local Advisor’s Session 1:30 PM Omni Hotel – Trinity 1-4 & 8
  • Opening Session begins Wednesday evening,  7:30PM,  in the Conference Center Exhibit Hall F.  Make sure your students follow the dress code.
  • If anyone has seizures from flashing lights please skip the first 15 minutes of opening session.
  • Our SC State meeting, Wednesday evening @ 10:00 PM in Omni Hotel – Trinity rooms 6 & 7. This will be a short meeting, but you are urged to attend.
  • According to the HOSA app, buses will be running until 12 midnight tonight (Wednesday).
  • Event Personnel working the Middle School Testing Event report Thursday 12:00 PM to the Conference Center -D171-D17 – please be on time
  • Event Personnel working the Med Innovation Events should report at Friday morning at 7:00AM. Please be on time.
  • MI Original – Conference Center -Ballroom C1 & C2
    MI Existing – Conference Center -Ballroom C3 & C4
  • Friday, Recognition Session is at 7:30 PM in the Conference Center – Exhibit Hall F
  • Saturday, Awards Session begins at 8:00 PM in the Conference Center – Exhibit Hall F.  Make sure your students follow the dress code  
  • Students traveling to EL Centro for round 2 need to have a picture ID