Aiken County Career & Technology Center Spotlight!

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HOSA Community Service Project

Every winter during the month of February, Kennedy Middle School in Aiken SC, hosts Mini Courses on each Wednesday for all 6-8th grades. For the last five years, the Aiken County Career and Technology Center Health Science/HOSA students have been invited to participate with the event. Each year the “Insight into Health Care Careers” has been presented. Middle school students are introduced to basic first aid, vital signs, and even infection control. Students are given the opportunity for hands on learning, as well as the various career paths available in healthcare using tools like,  and These students are given an insight into the unique opportunities that the health science class and the HOSA organization can give any student interested in a health career. Through INNOVATIVE teaching methods, the ACCTC Health Science/HOSA class hopes to INSPIRE future generations and IGNITE a passion for learning and careers in healthcare.

Great Job, Aiken County Career & Technology Center HOSA Students!

Yamolli Gaona, Bryson Fulmer, Keely Jordan, Charlotte Day & Brooke Day



Chapter Spotlight- White Knoll High School


White Knoll High School HOSA Chapter delivered 9-11 remembrance/recognition pins to Lexington County Fire, Lexington County EMS, Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, and Lexington City Police on September 9, 2015.WKHS_911

Students and advisors hand delivered the pins to each office with a thank you note and an invitation to join us during a flag raising ceremony at school.  A representative of each division of Emergency Services attended our ceremony along with approximately 75 students and staff. Among those attendees, Major J. J. Jones from Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.  He was a part of the delegation from White Knoll Middle who delivered the firetruck to the New York City Fire Station after losing their truck and several members in the 9-11 attacks. Major Jones was very moved to see the generosity of White Knoll continue to serve and recognize emergencyresponders.

As part of education and remembrance, the school broadcasted historical information about the events of 9-11 and the activities WKHS HOSA planned.  We also had a HOSA meeting in which 1st Sgt. David Pelley reminded the members about the incredible community response from White Knoll and how it made national headlines in 2001 for the extraordinary efforts made by such a small community.

Pins were also distributed to each student and staff member who attended our flag raising service on the morning of 9-11.