State Officer Information


Jeet Sridhar


River Bluff High School


Nainika Boppana


Nation Ford High School


A'Jay Branham


Lander University


Paris Mayes


Blacksburg High School


Kaushik Nidigattu


River Bluff High School


Lydia Wang


Darlington Institute of Technology


Why Should I Become a HOSA Officer?

SC HOSA State Officers are a critical component to the success of our organization. State officers help to plan and facilitate SC HOSA conferences.

Serving as a state officer is a great opportunity to work on a team of driven individuals all striving for the same goal; to serve our members and improve SC HOSA.

SC HOSA Officers assists members to: Develop effective leadership qualities and skills by developing character and promoting responsible citizenship. Build self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm.

State officers are required to attend (but not limited to) the following:

  • Fall Leadership Conference
  • State Leadership Conference
  • International Leadership Conference
  • Two Officer meetings
  • Summer Planning Meeting
  • Fall Planning Meeting
  • Washington Leadership Academy

Want to become a SC HOSA Officer?

Whether you have your eyes on a local, state or national position, running for elected office can be an intimidating process.  Here are six tips to help separate you from the other candidates.

  1. It Is Not Complicated: It can be tempting to create a long list of things you would like to achieve while in office – and it might seem like more = better. Not in this case. Keep your platform simple and clear: one or two main goals for your time in office, along with a 3-4 step process for achieving those goals. You will avoid promising more than you can deliver and you will stand out from other candidates who have no plans to back up their promises. 
  2. Always Be Humble and Kind: Do not misunderstand – you will be asked to explain why you are qualified to hold an elected office. And it is important that you have an answer to that question. Share one or two accomplishments, then flip those around as examples of how you can serve your constituents. Remember that holding a HOSA office is about service, not the spotlight.
  3. How Did You Get Here? Student organizations are great for your resume, but you will get more out of your experience when you put more into it. Focus your efforts on why you are attracted to healthcare as a career, and why you are a member of HOSA. Ask your chapter, local and even state advisers how you can serve the organization before you hold office.
  4. Catch Their Attention: Perhaps this is a little more obvious but is still often overlooked in many campaigns. A memorable anecdote, a catchy slogan, or a simple but notable visual can go a long way toward setting you ahead of the pack. Make sure you choose something that fits in well with your platform and will make the connection easy for voters.
  5. No Excuses: Healthcare is a service industry and requires someone who has a unique desire to always help others – and, HOSA members, you fit that description. As a hopeful local, state or national officer, it is time to muster your desire to be the best you can be. Put your best efforts forth by working hard, taking responsibility, respecting yourself and others, and preparing yourself well to serve the HOSA members who elected you to serve them as an elected officer.
  6. Be Yourself: Know yourself – personality, strengths, weaknesses – and use them well. Ask a few close friends and teachers to give you feedback on your best assets and places to improve. Be honest with yourself and play to your strengths – and whether you are elected National HOSA President or Secretary of your local chapter, you will be well equipped to serve HOSA.