Competitive Events

HOSA members are encouraged to take full advantage of the HOSA National Competitive Events Program, a constantly expanding and improving series of healthcare related competitive events. Competition within a state is held in the spring as a means of identifying those members eligible for competition at the HOSA National Leadership Conference. Imagine the pride that members feel when their names are called and they stand on stage waiting to receive a National HOSA Medallion for recognition as a first, second or third place event winner.

In order to participate in a competitive event, a student must be a secondary or postsecondary/ collegiate active HOSA member. The top three competitors at the state conference will have the opportunity to compete at the national conference.



The HOSA Competitive Events Program brings health science education to life through rigorous testing of knowledge, performance, skill, and leadership capabilities aimed at developing, encouraging, and recognizing the brightest future health professionals.

Competitive events are divided into six (6) different categories which are Health Science Events, Health Professions Events, Emergency Preparedness Events, Leadership Events, Teamwork Events, and Recognition Events. Students who participate in competitive events enhance their academic, technical, and leadership skills.

HOSA members should believe in the competitive events program, not because of the awards to be received in competition, but because of the feeling of accomplishment and confidence gained in preparing for competition. HOSA provides the competitive events program as a means of recognizing those students who are willing to pursue excellence by preparing for competition and having the determination to attend a conference and demonstrate the competencies gained through the health science education program.

SC HOSA is willing to offer every event in the National HOSA Competitive Events Program when students and advisors express interests.



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