2021 SC HOSA Scholarship Application

Please read the Scholarship Application Process FIRST.

If you have any problems with uploading any documents, you may email them directly to: schosa@outlook.com



2020- 2021 Scholarship Reference Letter Submissions

If you have any problems uploading your reference letter,

you may email your reference letter directly to: schosa@outlook.com

Deadline to submit a reference letter for a student is February 10, 2021

Other Conference Information

2021 SC HOSA Scholarship Application

Before proceeding with the SC HOSA Scholarship Application, you MUST read all directions and guidelines for the application.

Failure to do so may result in points deducted from your final score.

Incomplete or late applications will NOT be considered.

Any questions regarding Scholarships, should be directed to Amanda Wilson, schosa@outlook.com

Good Luck!