2020- 2021 Scholarship Reference Letter Submissions

If you have any problems uploading your reference letter,

you may email your reference letter directly to: schosa@outlook.com

Deadline to submit a reference letter for a student is February 10, 2021

  • Student's Information

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf.
    The document must be SIGNED and originate from the reference writer's email address. (accepted format of the letter is a pdf) If you have any problems uploading your letter, you may submit it to Amanda Wilson, schosa@outlook.com

2020 Virtual Fall Leadership Conference Attendance Winners!

$25 Amazon Gift Cards

You will receive your gift card by Friday, 11/13 by email.  If you do not receive it, please contact, Amanda Wilson at schosa@outlook.com

  • Chathurvedi Ganguru from Center for Public Health & Advanced Medical Studies HOSA Chapter, for attending “Follow the Leader” session.
  • Toluwanimi Ariyo from Ridge View High School HOSA Chapter, for attending the Keynote session.
  • Harmony Hendrix from Gilbert High School HOSA Chapter, for attending the “Officer Training” session
  • Darssan Eswaramoorthi from Center for Public Health & Medical Studies, for attending the “Teambuilding” session


Free 2021 State Leadership Conference Registration

(these students had to attend a minimum of 4 sessions at the Virtual Fall Leadership Conference)

  • Isabella Kennedy from River Bluff High School HOSA Chapter
  • Shreena Patel from Fort Dorchester High School HOSA Chapter

Google Form for Virtual Fall Leadership Conference Giveaways

A $25 Amazon gift card will be given away for each session.

  • For each session you attend, complete the google form below with the specific session code.
  • All session codes will be dropped in the chat box at some time during the session.
  • If you enter the correct code, you will be entered in a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card.
  • All winners will be notified after the conference.


Keynote Speaker Sessionhttps://forms.gle/A7zeFfjbcb2hpB7R9

Follow the Leader Sessionhttps://forms.gle/gF1GQJgb7RWXd7oP7

Win Big with HOSAhttps://forms.gle/YDxoNiwYEGpKjfAu6

Teambuilding Activity Sessionhttps://forms.gle/i4EzSr4kw8KZhMtP8

Local Officer Traininghttps://forms.gle/U6kUcBmw4uX7Uzwr5


Website: https://www.bethematchhosa.org/

Read the Guidelines for the National Service Project

The guidelines give specific directions for the following:

  • General Rules
  • How to track your hours and money raised
  • Recognition Levels
  • Financial Donations to Be The Match
  • How to get involved with Be The Match


 SC HOSA Contact: Tonya Davis, Patient and Lead Liaison

E: tdavis2@NMDP.ORG

P: 216-406-6236


On Be The Match website, review all of the Be The Match missions.

Make sure you check out Mission #2, specific to HOSA and details how to set up your fundraising page.



INFORMATION- Virtual Fall Leadership Conference


YOU MUST BE A CURRENT HOSA MEMBER to attend/participate in the 2020 Virtual Fall Leadership Conference (VFLC).

You should have received an email with this same information, if you didn’t, please check your junk mail folder in your email.

If you are planning to attend/participate in the 2020 Virtual Fall Leadership Conference,
you must register your personal email address for an invitation to the conference.

Once your email is approved for you to attend, you will receive an automatically generated email with the link for the VFLC.

Deadline to register your email for the conference is Saturday 11AM


If you need assistance, please email schosa@outlook.com


Please Note: Once you are approved, DO NOT log on until conference time. You may only log on, one time, on one device.

Click to Register your Email