2019 – 2020 SC ACTE Recognition/Awards Program

*Please note; all nominees MUS be current members of SCACTE/HSE Division or in cases where they are not teachers must be nominated by HSE-SCACTE members.

All nominations must be accompanied by a page of explanation, which includes: Nominee Name, School or Business, Title/position Contact Information – email, address, phone number.

A letter of explanation of why you have nominated this person for the award, listing their accomplishments and qualifications.

Nomination Deadline: October 11, 2019.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Rhonda Evatt or Angel Clark

SC HSE President : Rhonda Evatt,  revatt@anderson4.org

Health Science Program Manager: Angel Clark; aclark@ed.sc.gov


2020 ILC Registration Credit Card Payments

This form ONLY pays your registration fees

It does NOT register you for the conference.

All payments for the 2020 Virtual International Leadership Conference must be paid by the deadline, May 26th.

2019 Forms for International Leadership Conference

All forms should be complete with all required signatures.  Forms should be separated by Medical Forms and Code of Conduct forms, and all should be alphabetized. All forms need to be scanned and emailed to Amanda Wilson, schosa1@sc.rr.com by May 15th.

If forms are not alphabetized, they will be sent back to you, to re-submit.