• Join for a total of $75 for ACTE HSE MEMBERSHP

    • includes $65 for State ACTE Membership
    • includes $10 for ACTE HSE Division
  • Additional Options if you choose:

    • $50 for NCHSE HSEA (Teachers Association)
    • $80 for ACTE National Membership

The Value of Membership

  • Offer a collective, strong voice
  • Access to relevant and current information
  • Recognition of profession
  • Provider of professional development
  • Trusted access to wisdom

The Benefits of Belonging

  • Use your voice on issues that are important to you
  • Facilitates your newworking needs with colleagues across the state on different issues
  • Keeps you currect professionally

Why Join Your Organization?

  • Protect your livelihood
  • Keep current on the latest information & techniques
  • Network with experts across the state
  • Be part of your processional group
  • Additional Insurance included with your membership
  • SC Teachers Google Drive
  • Discounts for conference registrations
  • Special drawings or activities for Members ONLY
  • Leadership team opportunties