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Maui Fundraiser- Bracelets & Stickers

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$2 each
The stickers are 4" X 4"- $2 each
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Record your MAUI STRONG Fundraiser (Money) to be recognized at SLC

MAUI STONG Fundraiser

Record your 2023 -2024 Maui Strong Fundraisers here. All monies collected for MAUI STRONG should be mailed to SC HOSA, PO Box 866, Lexington, SC 29073, clearly marked MAUI STRONG FUNDRAISER

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Supporting Our Maui HOSA Family After the Wildfires

In light of the wildfires that ravaged Maui, SC HOSA is committed to exploring ways to aid our HOSA family on the island. All proceeds from the sale of bracelets and decals/stickers will go toward supporting Maui.

Want to support Maui’s fundraising efforts? Fill out the form above to order bracelets and stickers, $2 each.

You have the freedom to choose your own selling price for these items, so start raising funds for Maui today!

Note that we require a minimum order of 100 items (bracelets, stickers, or a combination) to qualify for shipping to you/your chapter. 

Unfortunately, personal checks from students are not accepted. However, credit card payments can be made through a link that will be sent to you via email. A processing fee will apply.

If you have additional methods for supporting and fundraising for MAUI STRONG, complete the form on the left to be acknowledged at SLC (a minimum of $100 is required for recognition)!

If you have any questions, please email schosa@outlook.com.