The Loris High School Chapter of HOSA recently held a Teddy Bear Clinic for Kindergarten students from a local elementary school. The HOSA students collaborate in several areas dedicated to educating the kindergarten students about fire safety (with a real fire truck), nutrition, the respiratory system, the digestive system and the integumentary system. The students had to break down each into language kindergarten students could understand and plan activities to teach them about each section.

At the actual Teddy Bear Clinic, the kindergarten students brought a Teddy Bear that had to be checked into the clinic, sent through an x-ray machine for a diagnosis, have vital signs taken by a nurse, have surgery performed by a “real” surgeon dressed in proper PPE and then receive medication (smarties) from the pharmacy. At the end, all of the students received a coloring book created by the HOSA students to help reinforce the ideas learned during the field trip experience.

Our hope is that the kindergarten students learned about how the body works and that healthcare professionals are here to help and not hurt. It was a successful day with very positive feedback from the Kindergarten teachers and students.


May 2018