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COVID 19 Contact Tracing


Presenter: Katrina Haynes, Cyber Academy of South Carolina

Presentation Description: COVID Tracing-  This is a brief description of the purpose of contact tracing in disease investigation with a quick example. Information on taking a contact tracing certification course is included at the end.

 Bio: Katrina is a Health Science Instructor at CASC Virtual School and was a 2019 CDC Science Ambassador Fellow and participated in Contact Tracing lessons for teachers developed by the CDC.






Presenter: Dr. Steve Lambert, Associate Professor, Chemistry / Forensic Science

Presentation Description:  This session will update students on recent advances in Forensic Science that give the investigator an amazing tool-set to solve crimes

Dr. Lambert’s Bio:  Dr. Steve Lambert is the director of the Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Biology programs at Newberry College. He teaches crime scene processing, evidence collection and forensic analysis, along with biochemistry and nursing chemistry. Dr. Lambert is retired from the Forensic DNA Laboratory of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) in SC