2024 SLC Conference Verification Form

Completion of this form is required BEFORE requesting any hotel rooms

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You MUST be registered for the conference before you can proceed with the form.
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The total should be all advisors, students & guest/chaperone.

2024 SC HOSA SLC Registration Check Lists

Explanation of Courtesy Corp, Outstanding HOSA member (OHM) & Voting Delegates can be found in the "Forms, Photos and Options" on the State Conference Guide.
By checking the boxes below, you are agreeing you will adhere to ALL POSTED DEADLINES.
YOU MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING FORMS to turn in at Conference Registration, March 13th.*
By checking the boxes below, you are agreeing you will have for each, STUDENT, ADVISOR, GUEST & CHAPERONE a Code of Conduct and a Medical form. The forms will be turned in at the 2024 SLC Registration table, March 13. If any forms are missing, you take full responsibility for the omissions. For more information, go to the "Forms, Photos & Options" on the State Conference Guide. By checking the boxes below, you are agreeing you will have each form for each attendee for the SLC Conference.
By typing your name below, you understand, all entered activities in HOSA Activity Tracking System (HATS) MUST be approved by March 1st to recognized at the state leadership conference.
By checking the box, you are certifying you understand the following:
By checking the box below you understand you will have the below forms entered into Tallo by the posted deadline, if applicable.
By typing your name below, you are certifying that you understand all of the above statements and will adhere to all posted deadlines.

Hotel Choices

Once form is completed, hotel rooms will be assigned based on choice and the AVALABILITY to accommodate your group, and the room needs of your group. PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT guaranteed rooms because you are issued a rooming list. You MUST make your reservations within 72 hours of receiving your rooming list form. Otherwise those rooms may be issued to another school.
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Do NOT list the same hotel as your first choice.

Any questions, regarding hotels or this form, Contact Amanda Wilson, schosa@outlook.com