• The deadline for competitors to upload materials, per the guidelines, is 10 PM on May 15. Many events will be utilizing pre-judging this year. This means if competitors do not upload to TALLO, there is no content for the judges to score. Ie: If they don’t upload their Community Awareness portfolio to TALLO, they will not receive a score for that half of the rubric – they will still be able to present at ILC, but the portfolio piece will not be scored.
  • Encourage competitors to view the resources on the CE/TALLO page (also linked in the guidelines) for assistance in uploading.
  • There is also a new file created to quickly summarize what is uploaded to TALLO vs. brought in-person to ILC. This matches the guidelines, but ILC felt the chart was a nice summary of the info. It is also available on the CE/TALLO page.