Welcome to the 2021 State Conference Presenters!

Christopher Fairbank

Job Title: Motivational Speaker/ Business Coach and Strategist

Organization: Christopher Fairbank

“Perspective Changes Everything”

Presentation Description: This presentation will allow attendees to see the importance of why and how perspective changes everything. The goal of this presentation is to teach how we can see situations from another’s point of view and how changing your perspective can be for the betterment of all. We’ll also talk about the importance of being a positive disrupter. This means that each person has a voice and that their perspective is worth hearing. As perspective can change everything, we need to learn that sometimes a change is not the best change and that perspectives need to be honed in and crafted to make a positive change. Having a new and clear perspective helps leaders make positive changes. We will discuss how being the positive disrupter in a group by sharing all perspectives will indeed be the catalyst that changes things for the good.

Presenter Bio: Christopher serves as a student and youth mentor, executive business coach and trainer and mentors others to help them realize their potential and understand that they can become successful in life no matter their circumstances.

Benita Davis

Job Title: Community Engagement Representative

Organization: Be The Match

“Be The Match”

Presentation Description: Be The Match is HOSA’s current National Service Project and we want to work with your chapter! Learn about how Be The Match helps patients and how your chapter can join our mission in helping searching patients. You will learn how a match is made, along with how a donation takes place. Hear from someone who has been greatly impacted by Be The Match.

Presenter Bio:  For more than a decade, Benita has continuously and passionately worked to provide equal outcomes for all patients searching for a matched donor. She is proud of the many lives she has helped save through her work with Be The Match. Over the last 5 years, she has worked to build a relationship between Be The Match and HOSA on a national level.

SC HOSA Be the Match Contact person: Tonya Davis, Patient and Lead Liaison

E: tdavis2@NMDP.ORG  P: 216-406-6236

Dr. Cathy Worrall

Job Title: Associate Dean for Admissions & Student Affairs and Professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Outcomes Sciences

Organization: Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy

“Is Pharmacy Right for You?”

Presentation Description: This presentation will highlight the numerous career paths available in the pharmacy profession. It will also highlight the programs and facilities available at the Medical University of South Carolina with specific emphasis on the Doctor of Pharmacy program, including an overview of the Early Assurance Program for high school seniors.

Presenter Bio:  Dr. Worrall completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Florida State University, a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Florida, and a residency in Critical Care at the University of Tennessee. She practiced as a critical care clinical pharmacy specialist for 16 years, prior to transitioning to the Dean’s Office at the College of Pharmacy.

Emily Hathcock

Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice-President, National HOSA Executive Council

Organization: National HOSA

The Power of Perspective

Presentation Description: Sometimes along our journey, things may not go as planned and we face adversity within the spaces we find ourselves in. With the current state of our world, it is more important now than ever that we come together, stay positive, and give ourselves grace within our own situations. In this virtual workshop, Emily shares a defining moment in her HOSA journey while emphasizing the importance of perseverance and staying positive.

Presenter Bio: Ever since she can remember, Emily has always wanted to be in service to others in any way she possibly can. When she walked into her first CERT competition 4 years ago, aside from being nervous about triaging for the first time, she knew right away HOSA would give her a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. From serving her community through her local Emergency Management Department throughout the last several years, Emily witnessed the greater impact that HOSA could have on this world and how HOSA truly is the bridge between health science in the classroom and the working field of medicine. Emily is currently a sophomore at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, majoring in Biology and Government with the plan to attend medical school. One day, she also hopes to work on Capitol Hill advocating for public health. Emily plans on being an advocate for HOSA beyond her postsecondary/collegiate education, ensuring future members have the chance to call this organization home. She encourages every HOSA member to take advantage of every single opportunity while remembering to be their very best, even if the journey gets tough at times. Coming back to her home state’s SLC, Emily cannot wait to see how each and every member excel in this virtual state leadership conference!

Morgan Bowne

Job Title: Director, Member Engagement & Workforce Development

Organization: SC Hospital Association

“Healthcare Careers 101- Find Your Future”

Presentation Description: In this presentation, Morgan will highlight healthcare career opportunities of the future, industry needs in South Carolina, and tips for pursuing a career in the healthcare field. Attendees will walk away with a better idea of the healthcare careers career opportunities available to them, as well as things to consider when looking at different careers.

Presenter Bio: Morgan focuses on workforce development and recruitment/retention programs at the SC Hospital Association. She serves as the SCHA representative on the SC HOSA Board of Directors. Morgan holds both a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from East Carolina University and a Master of Health Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Amy Grant

Job Title: Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity Assistant Professor

Organization: University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy

“Pharmacists Do That…Really?”

Presentation Description: The profession of pharmacy is diverse and includes approximately 30 different career fields. Individuals not only determine which pharmacy practice field they would like to initially pursue, but can change fields throughout their careers. The versatility of this career allows for the success and happiness of individuals who desire patient interaction, as well as those who wish to work in more administrative, research, or public health-focused capacities. This presentation will provide participants with the pathway to become a pharmacist, as well as a variety of career fields that students may choose from in their pursuit of a professional, doctoral-level pharmacy degree. Whether you wish to interact with individual patients, conduct research, or work with public health issues on a larger spectrum, a pharmacy career is for you!

Presenter Bio: Amy Grant received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and Masters in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. She completed a Pharmacy Residency at Mission Hospitals, Asheville, NC and has worked in the ICU, Cardiovascular Surgery, Nuclear, Community, and academic settings.

Ashley Merrick

Job Title: Program Specialist

Organization: Mothers Against Drunk Driving

“MADD Power of You(th)”

Presentation Description: Mothers Against Drunk Driving presentation for middle and high school students. The presentation is designed to engage teens in learning about the dangers of underage drinking and other drugs and encourage students to take a stand drugs and alcohol with their peers. For more information and resources please visit www.madd.org/powerofyouth

Presenter Bio: Ashley Merrick is the program specialist for MADD South Carolina underage drinking prevention programs. As the program specialist Ashley serves the entire state of South Carolina sharing valuable information with youth on the effects of underage drinking and encourage them to be alcohol free under 21.

Teresa Stephens

Job Title: Nursing Education Consultant

Organization: Medical University of South Carolina

“Preparing to THRIVE in Your Nursing Career”

Presentation Description: Participants will be guided in developing a strategic plan for becoming a Professional Registered Nurse, beginning with choosing the right nursing program to selecting your first job as a RN.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Tese Stephens has more than 34 years of nursing experience in both clinical and academic settings. She is the author of Stephens’ Model of Resilience and the founder of RN P.R.E.P. (Personal Resilience Enhancement Plan). Her work is focused on the concept of RESILIENCE, specifically as a tool to promote well-being and professional fulfillment.

Jean Ann Lambert

Job Title: Community Educator Director

Organization: Mental Health America of SC

“Corona Virus and Mental Health”

Presentation Description:

Presenter Bio: Jean Ann received her Masters degree at USC School of Medicine in Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychiatric Studies. She is currently the Community Resource Director at Mental Health America of S.C. Her job consists of Education, supporting our programs statewide, and Client Services.