2017 SLC Hotels

Hotel Pricing and Details

Hotel Reservations

All Hotels will provide breakfast daily, shuttle to HOSA sponsored events and most provide complimentary Wi-Fi. All rates quoted included any applicable taxes and fees.

Check-in time begins at 4:00 PM.

  • You must fill out a Conference Registration Verification form (this form also includes your hotel preference).  Once you complete and submit,  your conference registration will be verified. You then will be issued a hotel approval form.  Once your receive the form, via email, you will complete the form and send in to the appropriate hotel.

PLEASE NOTE: If you submit your Conference Registration Verification form prior to the Hotel opening date, January 9th,  you will receive a hotel approval form on January 9th.

  • Hotel Deadline is February 10th.
  • A deposit should be mailed OR credit card information included on the rooming list form to guarantee the rooms.Rooms not guaranteed with a check or credit card will be subject to cancellation after February 10, 2016.
  • Hotel reservations may only be made using the directions given on your hotel approval form. NO PHONE CALL OR ONLINE RESERVATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Only hotels in HOSA’s reserved blocks may be used. Failure to stay in an  approved HOSA hotels will disqualify your students from competition.
  • Advisors and local chapters are responsible for all charges incurred by their delegation, as well as for any damages to hotel property.
  • Be sure to include your school’s name or hotel confirmation number on the check or include information with the check that will identify your school as an SC HOSA chapter.

You must obtain a hotel approval form to make your Hotel reservations. You will receive this form ONLY when you have completed the Conference Registration Verification Form. Hotel preferences will be filled on a first come, first served basis. As hotels are filled and become unavailable they will be removed from the choices on the conference registration verification form. Fill out your hotel rooming form, as quickly as possible.  You are not guaranteed any hotel until you receive confirmation from the hotel.