Voting Delegates

Voting Delegates:

  • Each chapter is required to designate voting delegates on the online registration form.
  • How many delegates does my chapter have? In the SC HOSA Bylaws, each chapter is entitled to send two voting delegates for the first ten members or less, plus one delegate for each additional ten members or major fraction thereof, except that in no case shall any chapter have more than five voting delegates.
  • Voting delegates must be dressed in HOSA uniform or business attire, or in designated polos and khakis. They are expected to attend the business meeting on Tuesday, March 24th at 10:30 AM in uniform or business attire.

Courtesy Corp Members

Courtesy Corps:
  • Each chapter is asked to designate up to four members to serve as Courtesy Corps members on the online registration form. If an advisor is asked to serve as an event manager, he or she should assign one of her or his chapter members to serve as a courtesy corps member to assist with that event, keeping in mind the timing with the student’s event
  • Courtesy Corps members will be asked to assist judges, run errands, work at the information desk, assist with educational symposiums and help in other ways; therefore, they should be dressed in HOSA uniform or business attire.
  • Some will be asked to serve as victims and patients. Courtesy Corps members should wear comfortable clothes for these assignments.
  • Courtesy Corp volunteers will receive their assignment at the Courtesy Corp meeting (TBD).